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Dragon Ball Super Episode 9

The group gathers the dragon balls together to call Shenron.Shenron, the Eternal Dragon, has always been one of my favorite dragon designs in Dragon Ball. The series has introduced a few other dragons but nothing quite as awe inspiring as Shenron. His voice is also just spot on. Love it!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 9

Recap; Goku has arrived and he decides to use the dragonballs to figure out how to summon the Super Saiyan God (SSG). Shenron explains an ancient ritual that will summon the god. After a few blunders, our heroes manage to perform the ritual and thus a Super Saiyan God is born.

The collaboration is perfect as both the video game and the anime are very popular and have millions of fans globally. Fortnite loopers can now watch the anime by simply joining a Creative island, as it will stream six episodes. 041b061a72

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