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[S1E7] Deepest Darkest Secret

It turns out that the asylum is also where Dr. Adamson brainwashed the Nuclear Family. Dick is given the same hallucinogenic treatment, forcing him to face his deepest, darkest fears. Thos fears manifest as a battle between Robin and young Dick. Robin takes out a pair of orderlies and escapes his cell only to meet his younger self in the hallway. A stiff blow sends Robin flying back to Wayne Manor. He finds the letter given to him by Bruce when he first arrived in his youth before young Dick throws him into the Bat Cave. Young Dick continues pounding Robin with his staff, accusing present Dick of ruining what Robin was supposed to be. Robin was supposed to be the answer but Dick turned him into a monster. The internal battle rages on as a silent Dick remains strapped to his chair.

[S1E7] Deepest Darkest Secret

Gary, in classic Homer Simpson form, teams up with Avocato on a mission to rescue Little Cato, but it seems to be a trap. At this point, Avocato spills his darkest secret: that he served the Lord Commander faithfully (until his child was kidnapped to ensure continued faith.) Little Cato is being mentally controlled, but paternal love prevails, and the hypnosis is broken. 041b061a72

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